Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good to Know

In college, I took a seminar with a professor who banned note taking. His theory was that he wanted a conversation, and if people were furiously scribbling, they would not engage as well. Fair theory. A bit harsh on visual learners, but okay by me, in principle. Problem is, I have always believed that I learn more when I am doodling in class than when I'm not. And if we weren't allowed to have pads in front of us (yes, I was in college before laptops caught on), I was in trouble. My theory was predicated on some kind of ADHD where I needed to distract my easily distractible side of the brain with doodling, so my smart, focused side could pay attention.

It may seem a little ridiculous, but I was so concerned about this that I took it to the professor after the first class and asked for a special dispensation if I promised to contribute and not write any actual words on the pad. He agreed on a probationary basis, with the right to revoke at any time in the semester. He never did.

Well, it turns out I was onto something. Who knew?

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