Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have A Question

So we all know that girls travel in packs. And that every pack has an alpha chick and an ugly chick. The former rules the roost and the latter accomplishes two goals—by hanging around prettier girls, she feels prettier, while simultaneously reminding them how pretty they actually are and making them feel as pretty as or even prettier than they are. So the question: does the ugly girl remain static, or does it shift?

That is, as a girl moves through life, does she seek the same role in a new group, or is there some aspiration to be the alpha chick? Does an alpha chick ever become the ugly chick when she goes to college, or does she always find a group that she can dominate that includes at least one girl who's uglier? Is the ugly chick (note that her position as "the ugly chick" in no way implies that she's ugly, just that she's the least attractive of the group) compelled to always be the ugly chick? Does she always find a group of girls prettier than herself?

I'm curious to know how this works. Input appreciated.

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