Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well Done

You've got to feel bad for the J. Crew customer service people. Their website has been down all day. It'll come back for a matter of minutes, and then crash again. Cyber Monday indeed.

And every time the site crashes, the image below pops up:

Their call centers must have been inundated.

Well, I placed an order today and never got a confirmation email. So I called the number on the ticket to make sure that it had processed. Did I get a disgruntled customer "service" rep? Nope. I got a cheerful young woman who was happy to help and very quickly confirmed that my order had gone through. The whole thing, including the obligatory "press 1 to stick a needle in your eye" menus took no more than 3 minutes. I could not ask for more.

I've had great customer service experiences with J. Crew in the past, but I feel like this one took the cake—and deserves an attaboy.

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