Sunday, December 28, 2008

International "Law"

There is a reason why some of us refer to "international law" with scare quotes. It's because whenever such a thing has been asserted, it has proven the absurdity of the idea. "International law" is usually code for a lack of law altogether.

For example, what should be done once a bunch of pirates who have already shot and wounded a merchant crew member and those pirates have been captured? Certainly not this:
The pirates were then set free. This is because German law only allows the prosecution of pirates who are attacking Germans (or German property.) The Egyptian ship was carrying a cargo of wheat from Ukraine to South Korea.
And why is this? Because international law states that Germany has no right to prosecute wrongs done to third parties. In other words, international law protects those who recognize no law. Reading on:
Since World War II, national and international laws for dealing with pirates (which used to mean trying and executing the pirates on the spot) have been discarded. But nothing took the place of those procedures, because it was believed that piracy was no longer a problem.
And, as a result, piracy is a rapidly growing problem.

Read the whole thing. A start has been found, and Russia and China may have their own solution. But we'll see...

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