Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm sorry. I think the guy's a d-bag, too. But who cares? He's one of Obama's speechwriters, and that means he can't make a drunken fool out of himself occasionally?

I mean, look, I agree, in part:
If this is supposed to be excused as a “youthful indiscretion” because Favreau is “so young” then I think Obama’s judgment in continuing to rely professionally on someone so “young” and irresponsible and offensively sexist can reasonably be questioned.
If you rely on young people, you're going to get youthful indiscretions from them occasionally. And it's right to question whether someone who is so young as to be that oblivious to the likely reaction to his behavior belongs at the highest levels of government. Maybe he ought to get a few years to grow up before he has such serious responsibility.

But sexist? And so offensively sexist, no less?

Have we really revised that term to the point where any offensive behavior targeted at a woman constitutes sexism? What in that picture makes the guy's behavior sexist? I've seen exactly the same kind of behavior from 20-something guys with male cardboard cut-outs or posters in the past.

Why does it matter that she's a woman?

It matters because modern feminists are desperately clinging to the idea that they are a victimized class. And that's just one more barrier to true equality.

The sooner (some) women accept that when they receive the same treatment as a man would it's not sexism just because of the target's gender, the better off we'll all be.

Oh, and PS: how long until the feminists start attacking the chick in the background who seems to be stifling a laugh?

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