Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is 60 Minutes

Watched the Obamas on 60 Minutes. TigerHawk does a pretty good job summing things up. In particular, I agree with this:
One thing I like about Michelle is that she pops Barack's balloon a little bit, at least when he runs a victory lap to being Mr. Modern on the home front. He claims that doing the dishes "can be soothing," and she says "when have you been soothed by doing the dishes?" It is important for people in power to have spouses that straighten them out.
I also laughed pretty hard at the "I don't tell my mother-in-law what to do" exchange.

Michelle impressed me with her explanation of why they're waiting to get a puppy. Recognizing that they should wait until they've settled into a routine sometime in late-Spring seems like the sign of a very mature parent. Good for her.

And please note that the President-elect apparently makes his tuna salad the same way I do—chopping pickles into the mixture. It's the only way to go.

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