Monday, November 10, 2008

Right Again

Despite widespread predictions of record turnout in this year’s presidential election, roughly the same portion of eligible voters cast ballots in 2008 as in 2004.

Between 60.7 percent and 61.7 percent of the 208.3 million eligible voters cast ballots this year, compared with 60.6 percent of those eligible in 2004, according to a voting analysis by American University political scientist Curtis Gans, an authority on voter turnout.
Hmmm. I swear I heard somebody predicting that before the election. Who could that have been? Oh well. Since nobody reads this blog (and certainly didn't before the election), nobody knew it.

What's interesting here, then, is the massive lines and waits reported at polling locations across the country. Maybe it's about time that we had a serious national discussion about our inability to conduct an election smoothly? Maybe?

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