Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marriage Rights

The fight over Proposition 8 is irrelevant and a waste of time. Both sides are utterly and completely wrong. No, I don't believe that the Proposition should have been passed, but neither do I think it was opposed effectively.

The gay lobby has been fighting for the wrong thing all along.

Consider this:
When people speak of marriage as a 'right,' they really are not speaking of a right to marriage, but a 'right' to a marriage license. Yet true rights (such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion) are not -- and by their nature cannot be -- subject to licensing.
If marriage were treated as a right, it would not be subject to licensing.

In the normal scope of things, activities that are licensed -- cutting hair, flying planes, driving 18 wheelers, practicing law, medicine, etc. -- are not rights at all, but occupational choices that require training, which are regulated by the state.
So how should the gay lobby approach these issues? Well, for one, don't stand on top of police cars...More generally, I'd advise against direct confrontation with police of any kind.

Okay, so that's a bit of a joke. But grow up, people. Massive protests of this kind are not going to help your cause. In fact, in many cases it can even reduce support where it previously existed.

Take a breath, calm down, and rethink your strategy.

Ten years ago, states did not recognize gay marriage. Then several state supreme courts handed down decisions recognizing a constitutional right to it. Result? Many states now have constitutional bans against gay marriage. We have quite obviously moved in the wrong direction, from the perspective of the gay lobby.

Maybe that's a result of strategic errors?

Look at the polling, people. Gay marriage is trending towards acceptance. It sucks for the old gay couples who've waited their whole lives to get married, but it's time to stop suing and let popular opinion catch up with you. Give it ten years, and the whole thing will be mooted.

Or, you can keep pushing as you have, and keep the (still) majority of people opposed to gay marriage pushing back and erecting ever higher roadblocks to your agenda.

And in the meantime, react violently to the passage of Prop 8. Definitely call your opponents bigots. For sure attack their religious convictions. That's sure to win additional support.

More thoughts here.

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