Tuesday, November 11, 2008

False Principles

We see it everywhere, but the latest example comes from the Democrats in Congress. Once again something espoused as a principle comes crashing down in flames when it is deemed inconvenient.

"Pay as you go" was treated as sacredly as any Democratic issue in the 2006 elections as a means to condemn the loose spending and tax-cutting of the Republicans who had been in power. Once the roles shift, however, it becomes handcuffs that need to be shed.

Similarly, Republicans were the party of small government—until the social conservatives came into power and decided they could use the government to advance their moralist agenda.

And regularly we see people praise the Constitution. That is, until reading it literally precludes a desirable end. Then it's defenestration time.

What happened to people who believe in something beyond utilitarian principles?

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