Tuesday, November 4, 2008


An interesting post of election day scenarios from Reader's Digest. In particular, note Scenario 3:
Obama, as Ronald Reagan did in 1980, attracts the passionate support of all those in his own party, nails down the late-deciding swing voters, and proves a magnet to first-time voters, many of them young Americans going to the polls for the first time. In addition, Obama attracts record numbers of African American votes, and minority support across the spectrum. The election returns offer further proof of the accelerated erosion of support for the Republican Party in New England and the Eastern seaboard, as well as among onetime "Reagan Democrats" in the Midwest. Conversely, it offers a rejuvenation of Democrats' fortunes in the bellwether western states such as New Mexico and Nevada, and demonstates Democratic Party inroads into previously difficult terrain ranging from Virginia to North Dakota. McCain even loses his home state of Arizona. The geographic map that emerges on Wednesday makes the Republican Party seem like a regional party, with appeal only in the deepest South and pockets of mountain West. Worse still, the returns reveal a demographic ghetto as well: The GOP has become the party of social conservatives and older whites—exclusively. Its future as a national party is called into doubt. That's the Republican doomsday scenario.
It's funny, but this isn't really the doomsday scenario for the Republicans I know. Maybe that's because most of us are libertarians who'd like to see the GOP collapse and a new party take its place.

I'm not saying the Libertarian party, as they're a bit whacky at times. Maybe the Federalist Party?

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